Black History Month at SQU

Squantum Celebrates Black History Month
Posted on 02/27/2023
A collage of decorated doors; each represents an important Black American. The legible names in the collage include Rosa Parks, Langston Hughes, Muhammed Ali, Misty Copeland, Katherine Johnson, and Rebecca Lee Crumpler

For Black History Month, Squantum classes selected an influential Black American to research. Each class designed creative door displays to showcase their learning. To conclude the month, students toured the school to view all the other doors. Great job, Squantum!

A collage of 33 decorated doors features the names of prominent Black Americans and lots of miscellaneous decor. Legible names or text in the collage include Jackie Joyner-Kersee, I Have a Dream!, Black Excellence, Rosa Parks, Muhammed Ali, Misty Copeland, Katherine Johnson, Rebecca Lee Crumpler, Clara Stanton Jones, Ruby Bridges, Aretha Franklin, Bessie Coleman, Coretta Scott King. Along the bottom of the collage is a caption that reads "The Doors of Squantum School Celebrating Black History Month 2023"