Friends, Competitors, and now Colleagues

Friends, Competitors, and now Colleagues
Posted on 10/26/2023
Ms. Jerahian and Ms. McGue pose with the original article from The Quincy Sun

File this one under “We couldn’t love it more”:

In 2016, The Quincy Sun ran a fantastic story about two then-seniors, Gabby Jerahian of Quincy High School and Marissa McGue at North Quincy High. The two standout athletes grew up as friends and excelled in the same three sports - soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. When they graduated in 2016, these two young ladies had faced off in 24 rivalry games, Presidents vs. Raiders. The article documented their long friendship, outstanding sports careers, and admiration for each other. Our favorite part of this story is a quote by Ms. McGue, in which she indicated that both friends wanted to become educators and were interested in returning to Quincy to teach and coach at QPS.

Seven years later, in 2023, we are thrilled to report that this story has come full circle and both women are now back at Quincy Public Schools, working together at Squantum: Ms. Jerahian as a 1st-grade teacher and Ms. McGue as a school counselor. The icing on the cake? Both of these star athletes are coaching for North Quincy High School: Ms. McGue as the Girls’ Varsity lacrosse coach and Ms. Jerahian as the Girls’ JV basketball coach.

Thank you, Ms. Jerahian and Ms. McGue, for your dedication to QPS!

Ms. Jerahian and Ms. McGue hold the original Quincy Sun article.