Our School

The Squantum settlers tried to separate from Dorchester several times and in 1792, the area was divided—half of the settlement remaining with Dorchester and half with the new town of Quincy. In 1855, all of Squantum became part of Quincy. The beauty of Squantum attracted many people from outside of Quincy, and the area became a summer resort with many inns. It was during the twentieth century when Squantum changed from vacation spot to a residential area. In 1919, the Squantum School opened with four rooms grades one through eight.

Message from the Principal of Squantum:

Stephen Sylvia

The motto of the Squantum School is "A Great Place to Start." I believe that our school is the ideal place for a child to begin his educational journey. The teachers are dedicated to their profession and provide a warm, nurturing environment where each student can reach his maximum social, emotional, physical, and academic development.

Our goals are to recognize and enhance a positive attitude toward learning by nurturing each student's interests and talents. Each child will learn that he is responsible for his actions and that he is a part of a community of learners. Begin your child's educational journey at the Squantum School. It's a Great Place to Start."

Principal: Stephen Sylvia, 617-984-8706

Assistant Principal: Dr. Rachel Bloom, 617-984-8706


Elementary School is an important first step in your child's education. Quincy Public Schools are there from the first time your kindergartner picks out a book at the school library to the first grader having success in math to upper grades where students take their basis of knowledge and expand it to more advanced thinking.


At Squantum Elementary School, we recognize that great learning can take place outside the classroom. Reading can be the portal for a fun exploration of space. Science can be found in growing flowers. We host a number of academic, remedial, and enrichment programs for our students. Quincy Public Schools also has a comprehensive list of programs available for all elementary students.

Academic Remedial Programs:

  • MCAS Tutoring

  • Homework Club

  • Prep for Success

  • Summer Scene

Enrichment Programs:

  • Junior Gardeners

  • Math/Science Nights

  • Summer Library Club

  • Math Clubs

  • Drama Club

  • Robotics Team